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The USGS Flagstaff node of the Planetary Data System in conjunction with Malin Space Science Systems is making the MGS aerobraking phase image set available to scientists and the general public. This is one of the primary repositories of publicly released MGS images. Additional image enhancements will be added to the system as they become available.

The MOC images are available courtesy of the Flagstaff office of the U.S. Geological Survey.



We are pleased to announce an updated release of Mars Global Surveyor MOC Image data through the internet services of the Planetary Data System.

The following data are available:

Original release on the Web on February 26, 1999:

Volume MGSC_0001 Aerobraking-1 September 15, 1997 - November 25, 1997, Orbits 3 - 49 Volume MGSC_0002 Aerobraking-1 November 26, 1997 - January 11, 1998, Orbits 50 - 89 Volume MGSC_0003 Aerobraking-1 January 12, 1998 - February 18, 1998, Orbits 90 - 137

Newly Released Volumes on the Web:

Volume MGSC_0004 Science Phasing Orbit-1 March 28, 1998 - April 19, 1998, Orbits 204 - 249 Volume MGSC_0005 Science Phasing Orbit-1 April 19, 1998 - April 28, 1998, Orbits 250 - 268 Volume MGSC_0006 Science Phasing Orbit-2 June 2, 1998 - June 28, 1998, Orbits 339 - 393 Volume MGSC_0007 Science Phasing Orbit-2 June 28, 1998 - July 19, 1998, Orbits 394 - 437 Volume MGSC_0008 Science Phasing Orbit-2 July 20, 1998 - August 10, 1998, Orbits 438 - 482

To Be Released on the Web Next Week:

Volume MGSC_0009 Science Phasing Orbit-2 August 10, 1998 - August 31, 1998, Orbits 483 - 525 Volume MGSC_0010 Science Phasing Orbit-2 June 1, 1998 - September 12, 1998, Orbits 527 - 550, plus Phobos 476, 501, 526, 551, & errata

This site allows access to the raw image data plus full and reduced resolution JPEG versions of the MOC images and "context" JPEG images created from Viking data. We are experiencing a high volume of traffic to the site, so please be patient.

Note that this is a prototype site that will continue to grow and evolve. We are open to any feedback you may have. Many of you have already given us some excellent feedback in terms of possible improvements to the site and we are currently working to implement some of those improvements, but are adding new data in the current site format in order to provide the quickest possible release of the data.

The archives of raw image data were created by Malin Space Science Systems, with web development work performed by the Planetary Data System Imaging Node at the U. S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff, Arizona. Please contact me if you have any problems or questions about the site.

Patty Garcia, USGS

If you experience delays in accessing this site please contact: Patricia Garcia (, USGS

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