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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is providing new information in unprecedented detail about the surface, subsurface, and atmosphere of Mars. This information has already helped Mars scientists and engineers characterize potential landing sites for other missions such as Mars Phoenix Lander and Mars Science Laboratory .

Mission Contribution to Mars Exploration Program Science Goals: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is part of a series of expeditions to the red planet that help meet the four main science goals of the Mars Exploration Program:

Goal 1 image

Goal 2 image

Goal 3 image

Goal 4 image
Determine whether life ever arose on Mars

Characterize the climate of Mars
Characterize the geology of Mars
Prepare for human exploration

Mission Objectives: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter intends to meet these goals by accomplishing five specific objectives.

For a description of how Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is collecting data in support of these goals and objectives, please see science instruments in the Mission Section or visit some of the instrument sites:

Go To HiRISE Instrument websiteHiRISE at the University of Arizona
Go To CRISM websiteCRISM at the Applied Physics Laboratory
Go To MCA websiteMCS