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Mars Science Laboratory

Mission Team

While numerous individuals make vital contributions without which this mission could not occur, key team members include:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory MSL Management During Surface Operations
Project Manager Jim Erickson
Deputy Project Manager Jennifer Trosper
Project Scientist John Grotzinger
Deputy Project Scientists Joy Crisp
Ashwin Vasavada
Chief Engineer Rob Manning
Project Systems Engineer Ben Cichy
Mission Management Office Manager Jennifer Trosper
Deputy Mission Management Office Manager Rick Welch
SA/SPaH Surface System Phase Lead Daniel Limonadi
Mission Assurance Manager Charlie Bell
Integrated Planning & Execution Team Chief Andrew Mishkin
Deputy Integrated Planning & Execution Team Chief Alicia Allbaugh
Engineering Operations Team Chief Jessica Samuels
Deputy Engineering Operations Team Chief Keith Naviaux
Real Time Operations Team Chief Navid Dehghani
Science Operations Team Chief Nicole Spanovich
Science Office Manager Ashwin Vasavada
Instrument Manager Jeff Simmonds

Jet Propulsion Laboratory MSL Management During Development
Project Manager Pete Theisinger
Deputy Project Manager Richard Cook
Project Scientist John Grotzinger
Deputy Project Scientists Joy Crisp
Ashwin Vasavada
Chief Engineers Rob Manning and Joel Krajewski
Integrated System Engineering Lead Dara Sabahi
Project Systems Engineer Dara Sabahi
Deputy Project Systems Engineer Grace Tan-Wang
Flight System Manager Matt Wallace
Deputy Flight System Managers Jordan Evans
Mission System Manager Mike Watkins
Payload Manager John "Jeff" Simmonds
Mission Assurance Manager Richard Kemski
Launch Services and MultiMission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Office Manager David Woerner

Meet the Martians

These are pictures of some of the women working on the Curiosity rover taken in the "Mars Yard," a simulated martian landscape right here at JPL. The JPL MarsYard is used by the research and flight projects to test different robotic prototypes. This facility provides a large test area and an outdoor environment to test different robotic applications under natural lighting conditions. The soil characteristics are matched to some regions on Mars, and the rock colors, sizes and distribution are intended to match images from our Martian missions.
Meet the Women of Mars!
Map of the United States

Meet the people from around the world who have made contributions to the exploration of Mars at: We are the Martians