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Deep Space 2
Fact Sheet



  • Mission
    Technology Demonstration & Subsurface Ice Detection

  • Launch
    The two microprobes were launched piggybacked on the Mars Polar Lander spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) Space Launch Complex 17 (SLC-17) on January 3, 1999.

  • Launch Vehicle
    Boeing Delta II 7425. The upper stage consists of a spin stabilized Star 48 with a Nutation Control System and a yo-yo despin device.

  • Microprobe Dimensions
    Aeroshell: 275 mm (11 inches) high, 350 mm (14 inches) diameter
    Forebody (Penetrator): 105.6 mm (4.2 inches) long, 39 mm (1.5 inches) diameter
    Aftbody (Ground Station): 105.3 mm (4.1 inches) high (plus a 127 mm (5 inch) antenna, 136 mm (5.3 inches) diameter

  • Microprobe Weight
    Total: 3,574 grams (7.9 pounds)
    Forebody: 670 grams (1.5 pounds)
    Aftbody: 1,737 grams (3.8 pounds)
    Aeroshell: 1,165 grams (2.6 pounds)

  • Science Instruments
    • Sample Collection/Water Detection Experiment
    • Soil Thermal Experiment
    • Atmospheric Descent Accelerometer
    • Impact Accelerometer

  • Microprobe Power
    Two lighium-thionyl chloride batteries providing 600 milliamp-hours each

  • Technologies
    Total of 10 new technologies being flight-tested.

  • Mission Timeline
    • January 3, 1999: Launch
    • December 3, 1999: Mars Impact

  • Microprobes Cost
    Total: $29.2 million
    Pre-Launch Development: $28 million
    Data Analysis: $1.2 million

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