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The following are selected clips from the Mars Surveyor '98 video animation created for the Mars Surveyor 98 project by Engineered Multimedia Inc.

Mars Surveyor '98 m9801p.gif Delta Med-Lite Rocket waiting on the launch pad   m9809p.gif
Approach of Mar98 Orbiter
m9802p.gif Launch of the Mars98 Orbiter m9810p.gif Mars98 Orbiter during mapping operations
m9803p.gif Delta payload fairings separate m9811p.gif Angled view of the spacecraft's trajectory from Earth to Mars
m9804p.gif Delta rocket during ascention into outer space m9812p.gif Separation of solar array from the Lander backshell
m9805p.gif Orbiter's main engine fires during aerocapture sequence m9813p.gif Lander dangling from parachute
m9806p.gif Orbiter's main engine fires during aerocapture sequence w/Mars in background m9814p.gif Lander descending using thrusters
m9807p.gif The multiple paths traversed by the Orbiter while acheiving a steady orbit m9815p.gif Lander touchdown
m9808p.gif Orbiter using aerobraking maneuvers m9816p.gif Lander on Mars

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