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May 27, 1999

Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO)

During the past week the flight team successfully completed in the MCO simulator the remaining "All-Stellar" certification test cases. Additional analysis of the test results have also been completed, verifying key properrties of the star camera and star field simulation models used in through the first four days of surface operations. these tests. The team has now started its final preparations for transmitting the software patches and configuration files to the spacecraft needed for in-flight checkout. MCO had an otherwise uneventful week of cruise, with the only uplinks taking place being some planned software configuration updates, and the loading of a new "housekeeping" command sequence.

Mars Polar Lander (MPL)

MPL also experienced a relatively quiescent week, with some software patches for maintenance purposes being transmitted successfully. The flight team continues work on the command products for the first end-to-end test of the early surface mission. Test and checkout of these products will begin in the MPL simulator next week, with a complete, integrated test planned for the following week.

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