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Mars Climate Orbiter
Science Goals

The Mars Climate Orbiter mission aims to provide information about the cycles of water, carbon dioxide, and dust on Mars. The orbiter will study the planet's weather for one year, acquiring data to help scientists better understand the Martian climate. Two instruments board the orbiter, the Pressure Modulator Infrared Radiometer (PMIRR) and the Mars Color Imager (MARCI), will collect this data. PMIRR will observe the global distribution and time variation of temperature, pressure, dust, water vapor, and condensates in the Martian atmosphere. MARCI will observe Martian atmospheric processes at global scale and study details of the interaction of the atmosphere with the surface at a variety of scales in both space and time. In addition to the science payload, the orbiter spacecraft will provide an on-orbit data relay capability for future U.S. and/or international surface stations. Below is a list of the primary scientific goals of the mission:

The "Volatiles and Climate History" theme for the 1998 Mars Surveyor missions was recommended by the Mars Science Working Group and is aligned directly with NASA''s Mars exploration strategy for the next decade focusing on: Evidence of past or present life, Climate, and Resources.



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