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03.17.2017 COBALT/Langley
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03.17.2017 COBALT/JPL team
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01.26.2017 Mono Lake
This image shows the star constellations Ursa, Leo and Virgo, with the position of Mars, the moon and the bright star Spica noted. It is set against a dark sky background with Earth (trees) in the foreground. The star constellations are marked by white lines and dots. Mars is a small reddish dot, while the Moon appears bigger and also red.

Mars Close Approach - April 2014

On April 14, 2014, Mars will make a close approach to Earth. Mars’ brightness will match the star Sirius, which is the brightest of all the stars. The planet will be in the constellation Virgo, 6 degrees north/north-east of the bright star Spica.

As a coincidence, on the same night that Mars is closest to Earth, you can see a total lunar eclipse. With Earth’s shadow falling on the full Moon, it will have a reddish color.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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