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2001 Mars Odyssey
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2001 Mars Odyssey is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the red planet.
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2001 Mars Odyssey has contributed numerous science results. It has mapped the amount and distribution of chemical elements and minerals that make up the martian surface.
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The 2001 Mars Odyssey mission makes use of many innovative technologies, but the most important among them are the three instrument packages. All three involve the use of spectrometers.
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Odyssey launched on Boeing's Delta II 7925 that uses nine strap-on solid rocket motors.
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The shape of 2001 Mars Odyssey is anything but uniform, but its size can most easily be visualized by mentally placing the spacecraft inside of a box.
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Odyssey brings three observing instruments to Mars.
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The phases of the mission include pre-launch activities, launch, cruise, Orbit Insertion, Aerobraking, Mapping, Communications Relay and Extended Mission.
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While numerous individuals make vital contributions without which this mission could not occur, listed here are the key team members.
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