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2001 Mars Odyssey
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Games and activities for kids.
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Activities for students.
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Activities and resources for educators.
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Send a Postcard to Spirit'
Celebrate the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit by sending a postcard
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read 'Be a Martian'
Enroll as a virtual Martian citizen and start exploring!
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read 'Mars Student Imaging Project'
NASA and Arizona State University’s Mars Education Program is offering students nationwide the opportunity to be involved in authentic Mars research by participating in the Mars Student Imaging Project (MSIP). Teams of students in grades 5 through college sophomore level will have the opportunity to work with scientists, mission planners and educators on the THEMIS team at ASU’s Mars Space Flight Facility, to image a site on Mars using the THEMIS visible wavelength camera onboard the Mars Odyssey spacecraft which is currently orbiting Mars every 2 hours.
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read 'Rock Around the World'
Mars Scientists are asking students from around the world to help them understand the red planet. Send in a rock collected by you or your classroom from your region of the world and we will use a special tool like the one on the Mars Exploration Rovers to tell you what it's made of.
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